Pacific Rim AU

      The US Jaeger, Astro Bombshell, is piloted by Dr. Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis. With four Kaiju kills under their name in less than three years they’ve become household names. They’re also the most unusual team known to date. Before the odd female duo formed they were sole applicants to the PPDC; they were women with vastly different personalities and reasons to applying to the Jaeger Academy, Foster joined to get closer to understanding the Kaijus and their origins, and although she has a doctorate in astrophysics the science department didn’t need her so being a Ranger was the next best thing On the other hand, Lewis joined to get away from her neglecting family, she packed up her bags one day, left a note saying “Gone fishing,” and never looked back, but she would’ve loved to see their faces when she showed up on TV. 

They easily survived the Officer training course but then came the physical training. Jane worked hard and intensely to become the best sole recruit while Darcy bled and cried to not be die first in the Kwoon Combat Room. They were very opinionated of each other Jane found Darcy to be unfit, too young and far too immature for the program and couldn’t believe she lasted the first month. Darcy found Jane to be a bit on the serious side when it can to a lot of things and very hypercritical. It wasn’t until the training got even more rigorous that a duo needed to work in unison to make the grade. Jane ultimately injured herself; her pride got the better of her. She believed that she could finish the program without a partner. She’d been stuck in a sand pit with an injured knee and was startled to see Darcy above her trying getting her out. Darcy’s hands were cut and blood stained from a previous obstacle but she rode through the pain as she helped Jane out of the pit. Darcy didn’t get why she helped Jane Foster, she could have left her but she didn’t and despite being injured they were able to finish in time.

Since then they’d been allies. Jane and Darcy worked and usually spent their off time together. In no time at all they became best friends, but Jane still found Darcy immature but very knowledgeable despite her childish behavior. Darcy believes Jane will forever be judgmental and dismissive but she found her to be so cool and cute when she talked about astrophysics. She looked up to Jane like the big sister she’s always wanted. Before the sole applicant program came to an end they were called on to Drift Sync Testing by a Marshall Hansen, swearing Foster and Lewis seem very compatible from what he’d witnessed. The two feared they weren’t considering the little time they’ve known each other and would be cut from the program, but in the end they were compatible enough to drift surprising many, even themselves. In one year’s time Jane and Darcy slaved away to last ten hours inside the Drift, and testing their range in an actual Jaeger before they were given a Mark-4 Jaeger of their very own. Finally they made it from being sole applicants to being a strong unified piloting Jaeger duo. 

(via facetiousfigment)